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Global Luxary Suites - Terriblel Experience

New Arrival

Global Luxary Suites - totally disappointed and dissatisfied with the experience.  While booking flights for a recent vacation, thought we would use your suggestions/vendors for our hotel.  Terrible experience (Boston - Walter location) - from the rented unit to the service received while trying to resolve concerns.  Would LOVE for someone from SWA to assit.  While researching past customer satisfaction about vacation vendors, sounds like SWA will not take any action and hoping that has changed.


Re: Global Luxary Suites - Terriblel Experience

Active Member

So sorry to hear about your experience. Southwest does act as the middleman for many hotels, etc., so if you have specific issues with the hotel, it would probably be best to reach out to the hotel directly. Additionally, this is mainly a customer to customer forum so if you want Southwest to receive your feedback, it would be best to either call or email them.