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Going through security with cat

Explorer C

I will be traveling with my cat in July. I keep reading about how the cat has to be removed from the carrier and held while passing through the metal detector. Does anyone have experience with this? I am terrified that my cat will get spoked then run off into the terminal. I understand the security reasonings, but I feel that it is unsafe to open a pet carrier in a busy security area. Please let me know if you have any advice! 


Re: Going through security with cat

Aviator A

I guess that I would share your concern -  especially if your cat isn't used to being out in noisy public spaces.



Perhaps you could use the time until you travel to get your cat used to a collar and leash.

Then at least you would have a bit of control in the event your cat freaks.

Re: Going through security with cat

Explorer C

Hi, I wonder how it worked out with you an your car going through TSA? We are flying in December with three cats!