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Group Tickets

Explorer C

This is just a heads up to anyone who books with groups sales on Southwest. I am part of a med size group traveling next week, and as a loyal Southwest traveler, once our confirmation number was given to us I called to add my RR number and to purchase Early Bird Check in. Was told you are not allowed, since it is booked as a group, and that I could not get RR miles for this trip, and would have to do check in 24 hr before. Normally that is fine, but when your flight is at 5 am, EB is nice so you and others are not getting up at 5 am the day before to do it. 


I used to be loyal, but after the experince with customer service and group tickets, I will never use or reccomend them again for group sales, and will fly one of the other major carriers. 


Re: Group Tickets

Aviator A

The Group Travel program offers some real benefits for groups larger than 10 people, but at a significant trade off compared with non-group travel.


Benefits: Flexible payments, name changes on tickets up to 72 hours prior to departure, a consistent, possibly discounted fare for all members of the group, a free round trip ticket for every 30 members.


Negatives: No RR points, no cancellations/travel funds, no EarlyBird Check-In, very long hold times for Group Travel department.