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Group Travel hold time > 4.5 hours

Explorer C

I just hung up the phone after being on hold for 4.5 hours while trying to get Southwest to take my money for 17 round trip group tickets - a trip that will occur at least twice per year for the next 4 years.


Think I'm exaggerating? Here's my phone's call log.  I see call hold time complaints that are 5 years old on social media. How can Southwest provide such a horrible customer experience like this when you're so good as so many other things.  Every other major airline conducts group travel business electronically through the web and email. I honestly can't believe this just happened.  Disappointed in a company that I really respect.


2017-08-10 19.56.00.png


Re: Group Travel hold time > 4.5 hours

Explorer C

Apparently, they still haven't resolved this issue.  Trying to make a name change and have been on hold for 2.5 plus hours.  Have posted on here, sent an email to customer service and also posted on facebook.  What is going on?  Extremely disappointing.  There needs to be a better way to deal with these things.  I did email them an updated name plate but it says to call directly.