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Does anybody know the dimensions of the overhead bin compartments? I have a guitar & soft gig bag about 45" long I'd like to carry with me & I don't know if I can fit it in the overhead. I don't fly often enough to know. I know the baggage policy, but not the specs. If I can stuff it in a closet or overhead, but not underneath. Anyone who's done this before or on a regular basis with knowledge would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: Guitars

Frequent Flyer C

I cannot put my finger on it ...on the web I thought saw guitars fly free --- fa will help you.  Consider playing something on you flight...from the stories I have read many many musicians fly swa.. check out Great link.... good luck and play on!


Re: Guitars

Aviator A

I don't know where to cite the requirements, but I just transferred through Nashville four times in the past two weeks and I saw a lot of carry on guitars, so I know it is possible.

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Re: Guitars

Explorer C

I know this is way overdue, but was looking into it for my son and came acrosse your post.


Department of Transportation FAA Modemization and Reform Act of 2012 Sec 403:  


This rule requires that carriers must allow a passenger to carry into the cabin and stow a small musical instrument, such as violin or guitar, in a suitable baggage compartment, such as the overhead bin or under the seats in accordance with FAA - approved carry-on baggage program.


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