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Hacked Voucher

Explorer C

We were given a travel voucher by Southwest and when we called to book travel and use the voucher, we were told it was already used by someone else- and not by us.  We had a paper voucher so this wasn't an issue with someone hacking into our online accounts.


We were told the flight dates and cities this person/hacker/thief flew between, but that was all we were told.  The CS Rep was very surprised to see this and told us to file a dispute.  We did so and apparently there is nothing to be done.  In fact, it didn't seem a concern.  


I would think SW would be concerned about their online/internet security.  Given that the vouchers are just a series of numbers, perhaps it isn't so difficult to run a program to obtain unused vouchers.


I saw that people have had their Rewards Points hacked, but has anyone else encountered this?


Re: Hacked Voucher

Aviator A

How exactly did you "file a dispute?" And what was the response you received? I would be surprised if you were told nothing could be done, but perhaps this wasn't escalated to the proper people.


If you haven't already, contact Customer Relations (not the "regular" number) using any of the methods shown below under Contact Us. (My recommendation would be to call 1-855-234-4654 or reach out via Twitter private message.) They may be able to help, and/or direct you to the people who deal with fraud.


Technically, vouchers are non-replaceable if lost or stolen, so I suppose it's possible Southwest could simply deny your claim on that grounds. But hopefully that's not the case.


Good luck!



Re: Hacked Voucher

Aviator A

Curious how long you waited to use the voucher?  Days, weeks, months?