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Hawaii - Stopover in HNL/OGG

Explorer C

Hi SW Community,


We were planning on going to Maui this year or next year and saw that flights to Maui has a stop over in HNL.  What's the policy and is it possible to stop over in HNL for a few nights before continuing our leg over to Maui?  Of course, we'll probably do a non-stop back home.  Thank you for any info provided.

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Re: Hawaii - Stopover in HNL/OGG

Aviator A

You can't have an extended layover as part of a single flight, but you can book the flights separately with whatever schedule you want.  There may be a difference in the total fare, but it's usually not too bad, especially since inter-island flights are pretty cheap.

For an example I'll use DEN as your original departure spot.  So instead of booking DEN-OGG, book DEN-HNL on day one of your trip, then book HNL-OGG on day 4 of your trip.  To go home you can then book OGG-DEN.




Re: Hawaii - Stopover in HNL/OGG

Aviator C

Be aware of the ever-changing Covid requirements and how they will be affected by your layover.  Hopefully your trip will be after all this is over,  but as of now,  you'll need a test to fly to Hawaii and another to go to Maui, and very likely another once you get to Maui.   Soon the second test may be waived if you have a vaccine.


Maui adding the test when you land sounds like it's going in the wrong direction,  and hopefully sanity will prevail.  If there's anyplace that needs to honor a vaccine passport,  it's Hawaii. 

Re: Hawaii - Stopover in HNL/OGG

Aviator A

Vaccine passports for Hawaii: Right now they're available for residents or anyone vaccinated in Hawaii. Soon (~1-2 months hopefully) they should be available for all US residents traveling to the state. By year's end the hope to have the option available for other countries as well.