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Help flying

New Arrival

First time flying and I don't know what I can pack and bring on the plane


Re: Help flying

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Bring clothes and whatever else you need.

The easiest option is to check the bag instead of carrying it onto the plane and you can take almost everything you want.  Avoid bringing weapons or explosives.  A bag can weigh up to 50lbs and you can take 2 bags for free.

If you want to know about specific items you can check here:






Re: Help flying

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You could also bring a snack (no smelly food please 😜) or a book or something else to entertain you on the plane. 

southwest has free live tv and movies on the plane just be sure you bring a charged device with the Southwest app installed and be sure to bring headphones so you don’t disturb your neighbors. 

WiFi is $8 for all day access on each device in case you want to surf the web or get work done. WiFi can be slow or non functional from time to time. 


Re: Help flying

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It’s $8 whether you get work done or not - web mail etc work great, don’t plan on VPN and Remote Desktop.

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