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Help some advice please

New Arrival

I attempted to book a flight last night and was charged to the tune of nearly $500 but it errored out and no ticket was booked. Now my bank is holding it as a pending transaction for “up to 7 business days,” and both my bank and Southwest say there is nothing they can do to get the money released to me. I’m at a loss as to how to get my money back in order to actually book a ticket.


Re: Help some advice please

Top Contributor

Sounds like you will need to wait until your bank releases the funds. 

Do you have a different payment method? 



Re: Help some advice please

Top Contributor

At this point you are not out any money. When you get your next statement the charge will not be on it. It will simply vanish. That is what happens to pending charges.


Pending charges turn into real charges when a ticket is issued.