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New Arrival

Just arrived at my destination to find I lost my ID somewhere after going thru security at originating airport.
I'm scheduled to fly back in 2 days, but have no ID.
Anyone ever find themselves in this situation? What did you do?


Thank you


Re: Help!

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Don't panic, you can actually fly without an ID.  Here's the FAQ from TSA regarding getting through security without an ID:

Just give yourself extra time to go through the process.


Southwest does request an ID when checking bags and I've never seen an official answer as to how they react when someone does not have an ID.  If you plan on checking bags it would be worth checking with Southwest to see what their process is.  Sending a message to Southwest via Twitter (@SouthwestAir) or via the chat function in the Southwest app would probably be faster than calling, but that too is an option.




Re: Help!

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I did that once at Midway, but discovered the problem before boarding my flight. Went to TSA, and they returned it to me.


I'd suggest you call TSA at your originating airport to ask if they have it. You can ask in person upon your return.


The middleseat is right, you actually don't absolutely need it.


Advice, take a picture of the front and back of your license with your cell phone. At the very least, the photo will assist with the replacement process at DMV.