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High Cost of Tickets

Explorer C

This is the second time now I have found that SWA ticket prices are waaaayyyy higher than almost all other carriers.  What is the deal?  For example, a round trip flight from Midway to Reno is over $650.  Delta, United, American, and the rest are all under $500 for the same flight. 


Re: High Cost of Tickets

Frequent Flyer B

The fare may be a little lower on the other carriers but what is the overall cost when you factor in bag fees, change fees, etc.?

Re: High Cost of Tickets

Aviator A

Sadly, I'm finding Southwest to be the most expensive on many of my routes now. The days of Southwest always being a discount carrier are over. 😞

Re: High Cost of Tickets

Adventurer B

@chgoflyer wrote:

Sadly, I'm finding Southwest to be the most expensive on many of my routes now. The days of Southwest always being a discount carrier are over. 😞

I agree and the worst is if you book your flight within 2 weeks. The only feature that keep me booking SW is no charge for cancel or change. However, with the new "double booking" policy make me feel an easy in some cases. One time even with companion pass, we could fly other airlines for the same cost with better schedule but the uncertain about the date, we had to use SW.

Re: High Cost of Tickets

Explorer C

Yep. Never come close to using them.

Re: High Cost of Tickets

Explorer C

I agree, SW flights are high and nonstop flights are few and far between.  Flying from Providence RI to Orlando in October and the price is $450  ..  . are you kidding me!!!!  Trying to find a ticket from Ft Lauderdale to Providence in March - one way is running $400.   Then they do what I consider a "bait and switch".  Where the day they release the fares all the wanna get away fares are "sold out".  Then they start bringing flights back one by one at outrageous prices.  Find a decent price on wanna get away and only one ticket  is available.  Come on!  I have been watching flights everyday for 6 weeks and it is ridiculous how many times they change the price and which flight is available .  . . I said ridiculous!!! 


Re: High Cost of Tickets

Explorer C

MIss Herb.


Service is still OK but quit bragging about pricing - you have lost focus on this.

No longer the low cost carrier.




Would like to see a complete turnover at the  C Suite.


The Air Tran purchase really seems to have messed you guys up.

Re: High Cost of Tickets

Explorer A

WN got the reputation of being a low cost carrier when they were able to keep fares artificially low by hedging fuel contracts. Unfortunately most flyers aren’t bright enough to understand the concept and shop for the lowest fare with zero comprehension of how fare structures and corporate profitability and accountability to shareholders actually works. 


If you only care about the cheapest ticket, and find a lower price on another carrier, book on the other carrier.  


And for the person complaining about high ticket prices in March, it’s called profitability. Last time I looked, WN is not a charity.