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Re: Hire more in call center to reduce2hr wait on hold

Adventurer A

I don’t think SW is trying to Push people They are just trying to be helpful and sure the younger people are fluid w Social Media but many Elders like a live person to walk them thru. Why are you always seem to have the as American say put your 2 cents in any of my suggestions. and always you take the opposite view. Yes Please lets give SW credit to try to give best Customer Service. Your Comment distracts from my Positive suggestion that for Eldey SW could add more at Call Center.

Yes Please don’t tell us something SE already knows. We should ❤️SW and not judge them by a using them of Pushing People. On. Positive note I have been married to my lovely wife Pushpa for over 40 years and like SW we don’t push eachother

yes Please consider


Re: Hire more in call center to reduce2hr wait on hold

Aviator C

I think with our current economic situation, hiring is not the best solution. For passengers who need to speak to an actual person, I think SWA leaders could rotate being on call to help with the heavy call volume (maybe this is happening).  Everyone needs to roll up their sleeves during situations like this. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion