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Hold time over 60 minutes!!

New Arrival

Seriously, where was the disaster.  reading the forums (google search) long hold times to Customer Relations seem the norm.  Where is the LUV?Smiley Frustrated


Here are just a short list of gripes I have assembeled while waiting..


Always some new policies each May about how they don't do that any more.

-no longer rebook after missing a flight *May 2016

-no longer refund a refundable ticket after rebooking *May 2017


this carrier is just as heartless at the others now.  RR customer since 2000 - Frequent A-list member.  perpetually disapointed since they changed the RR policy to a points system.


Re: Hold time over 60 minutes!!

New Arrival

Back on hold: more time to rant. Speaking with Agent now 1 hour 22 minutes on hold seriously a customer service problem.  This is to get a refund on a fully refundable fair for a flight that was cancelled.  

Re: Hold time over 60 minutes!!

Top Contributor

Sadly, very long hold times due to "higher than expected call volume" are pretty much the norm these days.