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Horrible Travel Day

Explorer C

SW cancelled a 9am flight @ midnight and SW rebooked automatically for a flight @ 11pm....They have 4 flights scheduled prior to the 11pm to the same destination. Waited on stand by list only to get bumped six positions on stand by for the next available flight.....


Re: Horrible Travel Day

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Yikes! Sorry to hear about that bummer travel experience, @Hitch3. We've all been there. Travel can be pretty unpredictable this time of year, but here's to hoping it gets better for you! 

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Re: Horrible Travel Day

Frequent Flyer A

Sorry to hear of these delays! Be sure to check with the airline at the gate to see if they can offer you any credit for these delays. 


Wings crossed that you catch the first flight back. 

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Re: Horrible Travel Day

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Sorry to hear of your travel trouble.


When it cancels a flight, the airline normally books passengers on the next flight with available seats. That's probably why you ended up on the 11 o'clock flight instead of one of the earlier ones. It also explains your difficulty in clearing standby for the earlier flights, where others from the canceled flight were competing with you for available seats.