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Re: How can I find 737 Max route schedules?

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@AndSoItGoes wrote:

I know that I can click on individual flight numbers and see the *scheduled* type of plane, but since Southwest says it can substitute plane types at its discretion, I want to be sure I am not flying on a route where the 737 is in service.

The ONLY way to insure you won't ever be on a Max is to ONLY fly airlines that do not have them in their fleets.


Every airline substitutes planes every day.

Re: How can I find 737 Max route schedules?

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Most of the MAX planes have been pulled from service at this time but not sure when those will return to service. 


By the way on March 11th I took 2 MAX flights on Southwest (the day SW resumed MAX flights) and they went without a hitch and I'm still alive. Left and arrived early on both flight and that M word that we don't like was never mentioned. 

Re: How can I find 737 Max route schedules?

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For those interested, below are the routes and flight numbers of Southwest 737 Max planes returned to service last month. Of course, some of these routes won't be using 737 Max planes for the time being due to the the just announced grounding for a potential electrical issue of 30 of the 58 Southwest 737 Max planes in use.


  • ATL – RSW, Flight number: 6589
  • BWI – MSY, Flight number: 6008
  • BWI – RSW, Flight number: 6024
  • CMH – PHX, Flight number: 6007
  • DEN – MCO, Flight number: 6013
  • DEN – MDW, Flight number: 6001
  • HOU – MCI, Flight number: 6548
  • HOU – SLC, Flight number: 6029
  • LAS – PHX, Flight number: 6020
  • LAS – SAT, Flight number: 6237
  • MCI – HOU, Flight number: 6028
  • MCO – DEN, Flight number: 6598
  • MCO – MDW, Flight number: 6623
  • MCO – MSY, Flight number: 6010
  • MDW – DEN, Flight number: 6002
  • MDW – MCO, Flight number: 6555
  • MDW – PHX, Flight number: 6026
  • MDW – RSW, Flight number: 6004
  • MSY – BWI, Flight number: 6011
  • MSY – MCO, Flight number: 6268
  • PDX – PHX, Flight number: 6016
  • PHX – CMH, Flight number: 6006
  • PHX – LAS, Flight number: 6021
  • PHX – MDW, Flight number: 6027
  • PHX – PDX, Flight number: 6015
  • PHX – SLC, Flight number: 6017
  • RSW – ATL, Flight number: 6025
  • RSW – BWI, Flight number: 6023
  • RSW – MDW, Flight number: 6399
  • SAT – LAS, Flight number: 6019
  • SLC – HOU, Flight number: 6030
  • SLC – PHX, Flight number: 6014

Re: How can I find 737 Max route schedules?

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Your info is fine for historical purposes, but does no good predicting current or future flights.  Southwest is not like the legacy carriers that only use certain aircraft on certain routes.  At the time of writing this, WN8521 on a Max 8 is enroute from DAL to SKF and also WN8505 PAE to PHX, neither of those are on your list.  You'll also see that Southwest is no longer using only 6000 series flight numbers for Max 8 flights.  The only way to check to see if your flight is on a Max 8 is the info noted above with the noted caveat that aircraft changes can occur and any time.