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How do I use Southwest credits?

New Arrival

I recently purchased a ticket. (Wanna Get Away) When the price dropped, I changed the reservation, keeping the same itinerary number. When that was complete, I saw that I was credited with the proper amount.


I assumed that credit would be automatically applied to a future (new) ticket purchased. Today I purchased a new ticket and there was no indication of a credit. No option to apply the existing credit. And I was charged the regular price. And I do not see the credit anywhere in my account information.


What happened to this credit? And how can I apply credits when I make future purchases?



Ken Cooper


Re: How do I use Southwest credits?

Top Contributor

Travel funds are not automatically applied to purchases and not tracked anywhere in your account online.  It's up to you to track them and apply them to purchases.  

After selecting your flights online find the "Do you want to apply travel funds?" section of the checkout screen. Put in the confirmation number and passenger name of the canceled reservation and apply. If the same passenger is named on the new flight, the credit will be applied. Travel funds can be used for travel that completes within one year of the original purchase.