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How to see if my IP will fit?

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We need to bring our instant pot which is 11 1/2 inches tall. I need to know if we need to put it in a checked bag or whether it will fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. I’m concerned about it getting jostled in a checked bag.


Re: How to see if my IP will fit?

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Do you know if you will be on a -700 or -800 aircraft, and are you planning to bring it in a box or loose in a shopping bag?


10" by 16" is the advertised section on the overhead bins but a little bigger will still fit in there - the height of the box is fine, the bins are 24" deep, it's mainly a question of the dimension as you look at it.


If you had it loose, it might fit under a middle seat as well but maybe not with the box?


Anyway - if you have it on you, can you measure the other dimensions so we see the whole picture for w x h x d? Also see if you are scheduled for a 700 or 800 series where the bins are larger on the 800 so I'd be more confident in that case.





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Re: How to see if my IP will fit?


Great question, Nancy. Southwest Airlines limits carryon bag dimensions to 10 x 16 x 24 inches, so if you can comply with that, you're welcome to bring anything permissible by the TSA. We look forward to seeing you onboard!

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