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I want to buy a seat for my dog - take my money SW, please!

Explorer C

I recently submitted a comment to SW suggesting a policy change re travel with dogs.

Unlike other pets, dogs and humans have a very special bond that goes back millennia.

Dogs are revered in our society as the most loving and trusted of companions.

Looking around at many of the humans permitted to occupy seats, I find it odd that I cannot purchase a seat for my best friend who would never get drunk, cough on you, or punch a flight attendant.

I don't have a debilitating psychiatric disorder, so my dog does not qualify as a service animal. 

My dog is 22 pounds and does not fit in a carrier under the seat in front of me.

- I think SW should designate a number of back row window seats per flight for people to purchase for their dogs. (Owners to occupy the middle seat as a "buffer")

- Require vaccination records to be uploaded during check-in process.

- Require the owner to attest that dog is toilet trained, non-aggressive and well socialized.

- Require dog to be bathed/groomed.

- Restrict the breeds with a reputation for aggression.

- Hold irresponsible owners accountable with fines, etc.

- Extra little bonus pay for flight attendants working those rows (i.e. for the "risk")


Most dog owners are responsible. They will not bring a dog on a plane that isn't clean, hasn't had a very long bathroom break, isn't well socialized, etc. Most dog owners don't want to be sued! Why punish all dog owners for the few bad apples?


Find a workable way to allow the responsible dog owners to purchase a seat for their dog to travel with them. Why not take advantage of this revenue stream? I would do a lot more traveling, I can assure you! 


Re: I want to buy a seat for my dog - take my money SW, please!

Aviator A

The best of luck with your suggestion.


You do realize that if SW were to do such a thing, it would be the only airline in North America to allow it?

Re: I want to buy a seat for my dog - take my money SW, please!

Explorer C

My dog is small enough and travels with me a lot.  However, the one way price she pays to sit UNDER the seat is often more than the price I pay to fly in a seat.  Yet SW won't let me buy her a seat, as far as I can tell.  I'd rather she stay in carrier in a seat than overpay to be underfoot.  At least let me buy her a seat, please?  I agree this policy needs some tweaking, and a lot of the problem is that there is a huge variation in dog behavior, what one person consider acceptable another doesn't.