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IPAD lost but tracking

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I left my iPad on a recent flight from STL to DEN and immediately noticed my iPad was left on the plane.  I filed a report within the hour and started tracking my ipad through Find my friends app.  I have watched it go from the DEN airport to Memphis to Huntsville AL in the past 5 days (I’m currently in HI on vacation) and nobody from the airline is able to answer any simple questions.  This seems a tad unreasonable as I know exactly where the iPad is and there is no way to speak with anyone with access to this specific process.  I’m a pretty patient person and am used to great customer service from Southwest but am starting to question my beliefs.  Flying 30-50 flights a year I assume I would be treated better.  What are my options to speak with someone who can guide me through this because the online form seems to be my only option?!


Re: IPAD lost but tracking

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As a side observation, why wouldn’t there be a protocol when finding a valuable item like this having the serial number entered into a lost and found website where the lost item form would immediately identify the owner?  Seems like an easy solution that any lay person would think of immediately.  Big miss on SW’s part.  Would the next step be to blast on social media and notify my Forbes 100 company of this lack of customer service on SW’s part?  


Re: IPAD lost but tracking

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If it's only gone to three airports in a week,  it's not on the same plane anymore.   Someone has it... and it isn't likely a SW employee.   So I'm not sure what they can do. 


It's also been charged several times.   What does your lock screen say?  Can someone get in touch with you? 


What will notifying your company do?   Not fly on them anymore?


This sounds a bit confusing. 

Re: IPAD lost but tracking

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Sorry for the confusion.  I tracked the iPad in the denver terminal for several days as it appeared to be kept in the terminal at the Denver airport.  My assumption is it was in some sort of lost and found.  After 3 days it showed up in the Memphis airport in what looks like a hangar area.  Again my assumption is it was being transferred around as part of some sort of lost item routing.  Then it was driven through Alabama and is currently in Huntsville Alabama airport in what looks like a hangar.


the iPad is on its original charge as it was put into “lost mode” and is power saving.  My concern is I know where it is and there is nobody at SW to speak to about this, just an online form.  If I could speak to someone maybe we could resolve what’s happening…


as far as my company goes, yes my feedback could contribute to their preference in airlines to utilize.  This type of customer service should be addressed and corrected.  As with any customer facing business the customer experience only changes with feedback and/or customer shifting their spend…

Re: IPAD lost but tracking

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I'm sorry to have to notify you that Southwest has to deal with tens of thousands. of lost items Your lost item is no more special than all of the others - as I'm sure all of the people with lost items would let you know. With the volume of lost items, there is no way that the airline can provide "personal" service for every one of those   items..


There is  lost item process that the airline follows.  


1) All found items are shipped to one location in Alabama

2) Those items are listed in a database

3) Information from lost item reports are also input into the database

4) An attempt is made to match found items with those reported lost.

5) Items that match are returned to customers

6) The process can take up to 30 days


The best way of upping your chances that your item is returned   is to include the serial number in your lost item report.


I personally put   address labels on my IPad, phone, and laptop -- that would pretty well insure that if lost, they would be returned.

Re: IPAD lost but tracking

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I'm not trying to be factious, but I've offered wondered when I read stories like is your iPad connecting to the Internet to report its location in all of these different places. Does it have cellular capabilities?

Re: IPAD lost but tracking

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Thank you for the insight.  This is more information than I was able to find on any SW help site or even walking through lost item process.  I understand there must be a tremendous amount of lost items and I am no more special than the next guy.  Maybe where SW falls short is the lack of process explanation and potentially technology to assure a more organized approach to lost item recovery.  Eye opening to see the inefficiencies.