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Identification for 10 year old

Explorer C

I booked the “wanna get away” tickets for me, my husband, and 10 year old son. What are the identification requirements for my son as well as for us? The policies are not real clear.  


Re: Identification for 10 year old

Aviator A

No ID is required for anyone under 18 flying domestically.  The exception is lap children under the age of 2 may need proof of age.



Re: Identification for 10 year old

Aviator A

You (anyone age 18 or more) need a government form of id: drivers license, passport, etc.

Re: Identification for 10 year old

Frequent Flyer A

The TSA agent might ask him his name to compare it to the ticket. My daughter's name is Philippa, but it gets cut off at Philip on tickets. It has worried me in the past that the TSA agent might ask why my daughter isn't a boy, but it has never been a problem.