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Re: Inconsistent Covid Policy

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@shurrieann I see no issue with it being "RESOLVED," as far as this forum where you present your situation.  I will reiterate what is in the resolved reply.  This is a customer to customer forum, we can't "resolve" it here, you should contact customer relations directly.  


I'm glad you brought this issue to light, as it can help others who are going to embark on a trip out of the country, (me) soon, to just play it safe, get a COVID negative before leaving and I don't even have to worry about any issues.  An hour out of my day, and it saves me hours/days of frustration.  

Re: Inconsistent Covid Policy

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@shurrieann wrote:

That’s funny that a moderator has marked this solution as solved when I have yet to be contacted by Southwest. 

Again, Southwest customer service lacking.

Actually anyone can mark  a solution - not just the moderators. As to why it was marked, your solution IS to contact customer relations.

Re: Inconsistent Covid Policy


@shurrieann I am so sorry for letting you down with our handling of your situation. Since The Community is a Customer to Customer support forum, we are not equipped to assist you here, but I encourage you to Contact Customer Relations to share your concerns. Thank you.


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