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Inquiry into the refund policy of the Anytime Ticket

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Hi There,


I have a question on the refund policy of the Anytime Ticket. 

I purchased an Anytime ticket, and if I could not make it, can I get the full refund without the penalty to the original payment on the condition that I cancelit 10 minutes before its departure time. Or, it can only be credited to the travel fund that I could be used next time? Many thanks!


Re: Inquiry into the refund policy of the Anytime Ticket

Top Contributor



Anytime fares are fully refundable as long as you cancel your flight at least ten minutes before departure time however


remember that when an anytime ticket is CHANGED (to another flight),  any cancellation after that point casuses the fare to be saved as travel funds.


To maintain the  ability to get a ticket refund, one should always cancel an anytime fare ticket, and then buy a new one for the new flight.