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Re: Items Stolen from luggage

Aviator A

@bteach wrote:

I don't expect any resolution from this, but a lesson was learned...I had $1200 stolen fromi accidentally placing cash in a checked bag, which was handled by TSA, customer service at check-in, and baggage crew.  It is very frustrating to know that someone is going through your baggage and stealing property, with little recourse to you, the traveler.  From now on, cash is carried on my person.  Be careful out there!

We obviously don't know what happened here but one observation is that only one group of these people have the means to see inside of a suitcase without actually opening every bag and looking for little sacks of money.


Many parts of a bag's journey through the airport are out in the open and so it would be much less likely for someone to randomly look for something valuable in there while also getting their job done.


Check-in - that bag is tagged and on the conveyor in seconds, I think we can rule them out unless you specifically mentioned having a bunch of money in the luggage.


But your point is well-taken - don't check valuables which could be lost or stolen.






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