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Itineary Changes

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I'm wondering if someone can help with a link to the travel policies for when your flights are changed.  I discovered today my upcoming flight connection locations and times were changed but I was not notified.  Wondering if there is policy if I should be notified and if I would have the option to change/cancel.


Thank you!


Re: Itineary Changes

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You should have received an e-mail describing the changes. You might want to re-check e-mail including your spam folder.


If you find the new routing inappropriate, the airline does allow you one change (same departure and arrival cities) to any other flight with available seats -- regardless of the cost of those seats.


Re: Itineary Changes

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^Yes, but you have a limited time to make the changes - typically, it's 72 hours from when they notify you. If you don't make the changes within the timeframe, then you keep your original - now modified - flights.