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So i went into my account today and noticed that my July 11th-18th was gone never received a email or anything saying that flight was changing or going to be canceled. Did some further looking and it seems they are still flying on my dates with less flights I originally had the nonstop flights from MSY to Cancun those are no longer avail , why would they cancel my reservation and not give me a option to change to a different flight that is avail on the sames dates  


Re: JULY CANCUN Trip Canceled WHY

Aviator A

Yes, you should have received notification of the cancelation. If you contact Southwest you should be able to either rebook the trip or receive a refund. You probably have travel funds in your account now, but can receive a cash refund if you prefer. 



Re: JULY CANCUN Trip Canceled WHY

Frequent Flyer C

Check back again Monday


Most, if not all, airlines schedule flight changes on weekends, and usually Saturdays


Why?  Saturday nights are the ideal time for airlines to load schedule changes since it’s the quietest in terms of booking activity.  With fewer people searching for flights, combined with the fact that airlines aren’t doing much flying on Saturdays, it makes sense that this is the preferred time to load schedule updates to the GDS, or global distribution system.


Also,, When changes are filed, passengers with existing reservations are going to need to be notified and rerouted.  By waiting for the quietest day and night of the week, these automated rebooking system won’t get overloaded.


So long story short.  Wait until Monday, or maybe even Sunday, and check the flight schedules again.


Good luck

Re: JULY CANCUN Trip Canceled WHY

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I had a family member in a similar situation has was booked AUS-CUN for memorial day weekend when SW got rid of the non stop they just cancelled his flight without rebooking which i thought was strange until I looked at the new schedule where the new flights showed as sold out so maybe that's why he wasn't rebooked. Are seats available on the other flights that day? If so I would reach out to Southwest on Twitter or Facebook and hopefully they can help with rebooking should you still want to travel. Maybe when the system was doing rebooking the other flight options were sold out so they left it without rebooking even if seats reopened later. 

Re: JULY CANCUN Trip Canceled WHY

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I had a similar situation this week when I got a notification that I had a point balance adjustment, but no information on what had happened. After looking through my reservations, I saw that a July flight from HOU to Liberia, Costa Rica had been removed from my account, but I was not notified of any changes or offered an alternative. In my case, SWA will no longer be operating to Costa Rica at all until late August, so there wasn't much to be done. Still would certainly be a good policy to send a notification that a flight will be removed from the schedule!

Re: JULY CANCUN Trip Canceled WHY

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@ctipton Based on the latest here, it looks like SW is resuming normal ops to Costa Rica at the end of June (at least as of now).


  • Last flight from the United States to San Jose, Costa Rica & Liberia, Costa Rica will operate on Wednesday, March 18.
  • Last flight from San Jose, Costa Rica & Liberia, Costa Rica to the United States will operate on Sunday, March 22.
  • Our current plan is to resume normal operations on Sunday, June 28.
  • Click here to rebook.


-A List, Companion Pass holder