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July 2019 Flights schedule best time?

Explorer C

My preferred airline to travel to LV is Southwest. They are releasing their next schedule on November 15th for dates into August 2019.


I am traveling in July 2019


Does anyone know if it's at a best price to get on the day they released the schedule or just wait about?


Re: July 2019 Flights schedule best time?

Aviator A



There is no real answer to your question. Prices are not necessarily the lowest when they are initially released. My advice would be to watch for what you think is a good price and buy it, recognizing that if it drops after that, you can re-book and get the lower price and have some money in travel funds that you acn use in the future. If oil keeps dropping in price, it may give irlines the ability to reduce some fares.


That being said, Southwest seems to be pricing higher early on and dropping fares as one gets closer to the travel date. For example, a few months ago, December (non holiday) Dallas Chicago flights were being priced at $144. Now some are available for under $50.


Nothing is guaranteed, but I've seen that situation multiple times recently


Good luck.

Re: July 2019 Flights schedule best time?

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I need to check that out @dfwskier I need to find a couple of $50 routes to make a points run.



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