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Re: Just turned two years old “no mask”


Hello everyone. I understand that there are many opinions about our mask policy. Please know our highest priority at all times is the Safety of our Customers, and in the current pandemic environment, our mask policy is just one layer of our promise to do everything we can to keep you safe. 


This thread has gotten heated, and I need to remind everyone here to refresh themselves on our Community User Guidelines. Please be respectful of other Community Members, keep your tone positive, and follow the Golden Rule.  


Thank you,


Community Manager

Re: Just turned two years old -- mask required--- bad

New Arrival

I have flow recently with SWA and this is the only time I am not supportive or a fan

To ask 2 year olds or toddlers to wear a mask in ineffective and nonsense-- the lady sitting in seat right in front of me was 2 feet away- not 6 feet.... same with man behind me..... and same for 50 rows front to back aisle and window seat . Let a toddler be comfortable and he will sleep.