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LGA Luggage Pick up

Explorer C

I'm flying in to LGA - is it possible to leave a large checked bag (that I do not want to carry around with me on public transportation) at baggage claim for a family member to pick up a few hours later?  Can I just talk to staff to arrange that?


Re: LGA Luggage Pick up

Aviator A

Could you technically not claim your bag when you arrive? Yes. Could Southwest report it to the authorities as a security threat? Yes. Or it could sit there.



Re: LGA Luggage Pick up

Frequent Flyer A

+1, I would advise against this, and have your family member meet you right when you land. The airport is not a storage facility.

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Re: LGA Luggage Pick up

Aviator A

…or NOT sit there as the case may be 😂


They usually ask for ID when picking up the luggage from the corral or baggage office. Maybe - if it didn’t walk off on it’s own already - they might allow a family member to retrieve something on your behalf, or you can come back with the family member by car I assume. 

I’d use a hotel bell stand before doing it this way for sure. (And tip the bellman.)


I don’t know if there are any hotels by LGA though.



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