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LOST CAMERA with daughters first Disney trip on it

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Pleaseeeee someone help me find my camera! I already filed a form online but they say it wasn’t on there..! We flew into Baltimore at 1030pm on May 1st and my 2 year old daughter was fussy from it being past her bed time that I completely forgot my camera bag under the seat in front on me.. I’m sooo heart broken because it had all my daughters first trip

to Disney pictures on it! I don’t have any pictures on my phone of the trip everything I have was on that camera! Someone PLEASE help me.. this is killing me.. 


Re: LOST CAMERA with daughters first Disney trip on it

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since you have filed the lost item report online the best thing you can do is wait and hopefully southwest will find it and be able to get the camera back to you. Maybe try to call the airport you flew in to and see if it is there at that airport.


i hope that you get your camera back