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LUV Voucher Issue

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You know... your Luv Vouchers are sort of BS. If I have 3 vouchers for $100 each and my flight I go to buy is $243 before the government fees and taxes... I can only use 2 of the vouchers because the 3rd voucher, apparently cannot be split to cover the $43. I understand the taxes and fee deal, but my air fare is $243 and I have to pay you that $43 out of my pocket.


Now, it may seem petty to complain about having to pay you $43, but I got these vouchers because of a MAJOR screw up and poor customer service. I actually have 6 of these $100 vouchers. But in using them... you'll essentially get a full airfare out of me in the trying to use these in their entirety. $43 here, $80 there until I have 1 voucher left on a $400 round trip. 


Instead of trying actually rectify the situation, you leverage your remedy to make sure you still get paid. Sure, it's not lucrative for you to give out vouchers, but you do it in a way to limit its impact to you.


Re: LUV Voucher Issue

Top Contributor

That's due to the limitations on the number of forms of payment allowed by their system (and that vouchers don't cover taxes and fees).


There are some work-arounds, however. Just book a "dummy" reservation using two vouchers as close to the total of the vouchers as possible. Then cancel that and use the funds plus the 3rd voucher to book the flight you really need.


Be aware that as soon as you apply the vouchers to any booking you are locking them into use by only the passenger(s) named on that ticket.

Re: LUV Voucher Issue

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As @chgoflyer said the best work around is to book a dummy reservation then cancel or even change the reservation and you can apply the 3rd voucher I believe it would still work with just changing since the original payment (2 vouchers and credit card charge) becomes 1 fund so when you change it you can add one more voucher and a credit card if needed.


Hope this helps 


Re: LUV Voucher Issue

New Arrival

I have 2 vouchers. One for 200 and one for 100.

In booking a 275 flight,  it only applies $123 or so to my flight on the 200 voucher. The $100 voucher is fully utilized .

Any suggestions  ?

I even tried booking different flights and it only let me use the same amount of the $200 one