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LUV Voucher - bad faith process

New Arrival

I have received a Southwest LUV Voucher for having my flight be delayed 12 hours. I appreciate the gesture, but there does not seem to be any way to add the voucher to my Southwest Account. So I am supposed to keep track of this printed piece of paper or take a picture of it for future use? Please let me know if I am overlooking something or if there is a way to add it to your account without having to purchase a flight and cancel within 24 hours. 


Southwest can keep track of flights, credit card numbers, non-refundable travel funds, but cannot keep track of a voucher? This seems like an intentionally vulnerable process in the hopes some passengers will misplace their vouchers or forget they have them. 


Re: LUV Voucher - bad faith process

Top Contributor

Gee, keeping track of your own voucher seems like a HUGE burden. I guess that Southwest is 

completely out of touch by requiring you to keep track of your own voucher - NOT.


You want Southwest to keep track for you?  Use the voucher to buy a ticket and then cancel the ticket. Southwest will give you a travel fund, and Southwest will keep track of it for you.


Sheeees .....

Re: LUV Voucher - bad faith process

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With the paper vouchers take a picture and save it somewhere the ink will ware off on the vouchers overtime so be careful 


as stated the best option if you want SW to keep track of the voucher in your account is book a flight then immediately cancel it. **Keep in mind if you book a WGA flight you will lose the transferability so if your not sure if you will use it or someone else book a WGA+ fare that way it would remain transferable.