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LUV Voucher - lap infants

Explorer C

My husband and I each have a LUV voucher for future flight travel.  I know we can use it for several people but how does it work if we want to fly with our kiddos and one of them is a lap infant?  

Do we pay an extra fee?  Any insight on how this works?  We definitely have enough between the 2 vouchers to fully pay for 3 full sets (my husband, me, and my 3 year old) but not sure how we can make sure our 1.5 year old will be accommodated. 




Re: LUV Voucher - lap infants

Aviator A

There's no fee required for a lap child, a child under the age of 2 who will not be in a seat.  You may be required to provide documentation of the age, but nothing else for domestic travel.  This site has all the details