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LUV Voucher travel completion

New Arrival

When using a LUV Voucher the rule is that travel must be complete before the expiration date.

Does that mean both parts of a round trip ticket? Such that if all funds on a voucher were placed against the To: part of the travel and a different payment method placed against the return trip which is after the expiration date,  is the voucher travel requirement satisfied?


Re: LUV Voucher travel completion

Top Contributor

The rule is that all travel must be completed by the voucher expiration date. If you try to make a reservation with a travel date (either outbound or inbound)  past the expiration date, Southwest's computer will not let  you   make the reservation.


There is nothing to prevent you from buying two one way tickets: an  outbound paid via voucher and an inbound paid with cash. Unlike some airlines, Southwest does not charge more for two one ways than it does for a roundtrip.