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LUV Voucher

New Arrival

Hello, I have a $100 Southwest LUV Voucher and I'm wondering if I can buy a flight for another person using that voucher? I won't be flying before the voucher expires and I don't want it to go to waste, so I kind of want to fly my mom home with it, just wondering if I can use it under her name.


Thanks for your help!


Re: LUV Voucher

Rising Star

You sure can!  LUV Vouchers are not tied to any one person.


Find all the details about LUV Vouchers here:


Southwest® LUV Vouchers:

Southwest Airlines accepts Southwest LUV Vouchers for Passenger travel on Southwest Airlines purchased through Southwest Airlines, excluding the Southwest Airlines Group Desk and Southwest Airlines Vacations. Southwest LUV Vouchers may be redeemed at, through Southwest Airlines Reservations, and at Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter locations. To redeem a Southwest LUV Voucher, purchaser must have a Southwest LUV Voucher number and associated security code.

Southwest LUV Vouchers Terms and Conditions:

Southwest LUV Vouchers and air fare paid with Southwest LUV Vouchers are subject to the applicable incorporated terms, Contract of Carriage, and rules and regulations of Southwest Airlines.

  1. Southwest LUV Vouchers are valid as a form of payment toward future air fare only on Southwest Airlines through, toll-free Reservations 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (1-800-435-9792), or at any Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter.
  2. Southwest LUV Vouchers must be redeemed and all travel completed by the expiration date indicated. If applied in conjunction with any other accepted form(s) of payment, the earliest expiration date of all payments applies. Once the voucher is applied to a reservation, it can only be used by the ticketed Passenger. Validity of Southwest LUV Vouchers will not be extended and any unused value will be forfeited upon expiration.
  3. Southwest LUV Vouchers are not redeemable as payment toward Government-imposed segment fees, excise taxes, Passenger Facility Charges, or September 11th Security Fees or as payment toward miscellaneous charges, Southwest Airlines Group tickets, Southwest Airlines Vacations packages, or travel either wholly or in part on other air carriers.
  4. Southwest LUV Vouchers and travel issued in exchange for Southwest LUV Vouchers have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or other monetary consideration. Southwest LUV Vouchers will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed.
  5. To redeem a Southwest LUV Voucher, purchaser must have a Southwest LUV Voucher number and associated security code. If a balance remains after redemption, please retain this Southwest LUV Voucher number and security code for future use.
  6. Southwest LUV Vouchers are VOID if sold, altered, purchased, brokered, and/or bartered.
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