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LUV Voucher

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Last year I received some LUV voucher due to a flight delay for me and my entire family. Right now I am trying to redeem those vouchers and it is telling me that my confirmation number that is made up of 4 numbers and is printed in the ticket is supposed to be compossed by 2 letters and 4 numbers. Who can i contact in order to be able to redeem my vouchers. I recieved them December the 22nd 2017 and I am supposed to use them by Decemebr the 22nd this year. I would really appreciate any help. 


Re: LUV Voucher

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You can call, tweet, or e-mail


Details are on the top left of the webpge.



Re: LUV Voucher

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Sounds like you might be trying to put the code in the travel funds section. That would required the confirmation code that sounds like what it’s asking you for. 


You need to find the voucher entry and not the travel funds entry. See here...all the way on the right. 1C0893DA-A951-433E-A517-670BB78739E0.jpeg



Good luck!

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