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In a few weeks I will be traveling with my fiance and our 3 children. I've flown several times with my fiance but never our children. I'm not so much worried about the big kids (11 and 😎 but I am worried about the baby and all his stuff.


6 month old will be a lap baby. We will need to bring along his infant carseat and pack'n'play for our trip. Maybe even his stroller if possible. I plan on carrying him throughout the airport.


Can I check his infant carseat, stroller, and pack'n'play at the ticket counter? Is only his infant carrier free? How much will it cost for the other items?


Re: Lap Child and ALL THEIR STUFF

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Hi @MommaBear13,


In addition to your first two checked bags under 50 pounds flying free, families can check a car seat and a stroller free of charge. Your pack'n'play can be checked as one of your two free bags, provided it does not exceed 50 lbs and 62 inches (L+W+H). 


Re: Lap Child and ALL THEIR STUFF

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Clarification- Do we check in a stroller and car seat in the same place where we check in our bags? Or can we use the stroller throughout the airport and check in the stroller at the actual gate where we will be boarding the plane? Are there certain dimensions the stroller must meet?


I saw someone else mention the Costco wagon. Could my husband check in the stroller at the plane gate and I check in the wagon at the gate as well? 


Re: Lap Child and ALL THEIR STUFF

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Hi caala001-


You can gate check them both, car seat and strollers. If you'd rather bring your car seat onboard with you, that's allowed too. If you aren't purchasing a seat for your child, you can ask the Customer Service Agent at the gate if there are going to be empty seats. If so, you can bring it on without charge.


Otherwise you can gate check them both. You can gate check a stroller of any kind (yes, even those foldable wagons). Just make sure everything is tagged with your destination tag. Then just leave it in the jet bridge as you board the plane. 


I believe as two paying passengers, you and your husband can each check a stroller. 


I always say this, but in the case of potentially using a car seat aboard, you want to make sure to use Family Boarding (between A Boarding and B Boarding). You would need the extra time to get your seat installed. 


Hope this helps! Happy travels!


P.S. Here's the info about gate checking -


About halfway down the page.