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Layover with a gate checked stroller

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My family (husband, myself, 17yr old and 2 yr old) will be traveling this fall and have a one hour layover in Las Vegas. We would like to bring our stroller, as we will need it at our final destination, however, I am concerned about how long it will take to get our stroller back at the gate since we have only a one hour layover and I want to ensure that we make family boarding on our connecting flight.  I have never been to the Las Vegas airport before so I don't know how far all of the gates are spread out and I am worried that with the obligatory bathroom break and diaper change as well as having to wait for them to bring the stroller that we may miss family boarding and not have a guaranteed seat next to the baby. Would we be better off checking the stroller with our other luggage and bringing our baby wearing system? 


Re: Layover with a gate checked stroller

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Hey there!


The gates can be a little spread out in Vegas, but generally not too bad. 


If you gate check your stroller it should not take any time to get back. It will just be waitingin the jetbridge when you get off the plane. 


I would opt for the stroller, but if you're more comfortable with wearing your baby, do that! Either way, with an hour layover, I don't see it being too much trouble. 


Good luck!

Re: Layover with a gate checked stroller

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I'm going to second the carrier suggestion. A one-hour layover is quite short.  It'll take 5-10 minutes to get off the plane, another 5-15 for bathroom breaks and the walk to your next gate, and boarding begins 30 minutes before your outgoing flight.  Therefore you really won't have much time anyway.