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Leather sewing tools

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Am I allowed to bring my leather sewing needles and snap tool onboard in my carry on baggage?  I want to continue making my dogs service vest/harness in Florida while waiting on my kids to be available 


Re: Leather sewing tools

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I think so, but what I think doesn't matter. Here's what TSA says:



Re: Leather sewing tools

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@Bkf23, personally, I would not risk bringing it onboard but you can check it at luggage.  The risk is that if TSA decides not to allow it, then your options are throw away whatever the agent doesn’t allow or return to the desk to check it in as luggage.  If you have to make that choice, there may not be time enough to return to check it, or you may not have a bag to put it in to check it as luggage so you might have to buy one.  The potential loss of time and money would be enough to convince me that I should check it.  If you have time to spare and pack a extra folding bag that you can mash into your carryon, it might be worth taking the chance.  Also, keep in mind that your departure airport might allow but the return airport may not.  The TSA agents/management at each location have some discretion to make decisions.  


I once had a paper temporary drivers license and the departing airport accepted it but the returning airport did not unless I agreed to a more thorough search and pat-down.  I was lucky that I allowed enough time to get that done.  


Good luck and good travels.