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Left iPad on plane

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Flight 1050 from Las Vegas to Oakland arrived at 5pm on Tuesday March 19th in Terminal 1 at Oakland. I realized I left it on Friday and started the tracking process using “find my iPhone app” and it was tracked to the FedEx facility at the airport then moved to two separate FedEx facilities and today is at the San Francisco airport. How could this be? Is it in a box being shipped to the “lost and found”? How can I find out where it is going? What is southwest process on items left on the plane? Please help. 


Re: Left iPad on plane

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@Sadievail it looks like your message posted twice, I replied to your other message:

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Re: Left iPad on plane

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Sorry to hear you left your iPad on the plane. The first step would be to fill out a lost item report on  


Your iPad is probably on its way to the lost and found facility I believe thats in Alabama.


Hope you get your iPad back!


Re: Left iPad on plane

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@bec102896  thank you so much for the info. Do you know if there is a number that I can call? I have already filled out the form for the llet and found. Thank you again for your help. Best, Sadie