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Left laptop on plane 6/2/19, filed report, heard nothing

Explorer C

I filed a report immediately, but only received an email that they were looking the first week?  Is there anything else to do?  No one has accessed the laptop.


Re: Left laptop on plane 6/2/19, filed report, heard nothing

Aviator A

Oh that is sad!


Couple things to double check as others here in the discussion forums have reported happy news after taking the following steps:


1.  Complete the online form (click "Unchecked" > "File Report")

2.  When completing the report be sure to include your laptop's serial number.  That often seems like it does the trick with many users reporting they are contacting within about 10 days or so.


You should evenutally be contacted with good news or bad news.  As noted on the FAQ for the Report Lost Items page, "A thorough search will take place for approximately 30 days after we receive the lost item report. If we are unable to find your item, you will receive an email notification informing you that we have been unsuccessful in our efforts."

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