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Linking Tickets

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I bought both universal and disney tickets from southwest and am having trouble linking them to each account. How do I do this?


Re: Linking Tickets

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However you completed the purchase it wasn't actually from Southwest airlines, but rather some partner of theirs. There is no linking and I'm not exactly sure why or how you would like to link the tickets.



Re: Linking Tickets

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For the disney tickets You would need to link your tickets in the Disney app. If your going to disney world (in Florida) it's the my disney experience app and once linked you can use Disney genie to help you with your day at the park. If you are going to Disney World and need help a couple of us here can help as well with tips. Keep in mind for both Disney parks you need a park reservation which you can make after you link your tickets to the Disney app. 


There is not a way or really even a reason to link your Disney/universal tickets to SW because they are different companies. SW vacations (which is not actually Southwest) might sell a package including tickets but once you get those tickets you would deal with the individual business (Disney and universal in your case)