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Lost $396.96 WHY!

Explorer C

My friend purchase a ticket for $396 to go see her grandson graduate from the Marine Corps last year $396.96 and because of Covid-19 it was cancel, they not giving the money back, what are southwest going to do with the Money. Big rip off.


Re: Lost $396.96 WHY!

Aviator A

When purchasing a non-refundable fare the traveler can cancel their ticket and the value of that purchase is available for the traveler to use within one year of the original purchase.  After a year the travel fund credit expires.  Expired travel fund credit can be re-instated as a a voucher valid for 6 months with a $100 reduction in value by contacting Southwest within 6 months of expiration.

Since you did not provide purchase date or date of cancellation I cannot tell you if the travel fund has expired or is still valid.  The original purchaser can contact Southwest or use this web page to verify travel funds

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