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Lost 4 pieces of luggage

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Who else should I contact about all 4 of my checked luggage being lost ? I have contacted LaGuardia and Tampa luggage services and still they have no answers?? I’m very confused how they could lose 4 pieces of luggage. My entire family has nothing in New York City vacationing. We have spent thousands of dollars and a whole day has been ruined because of it. It’s completely unacceptable for an airline to allow an entire family to be without all of their personal belongings when they are far from home. Something should be done to ensure the luggage to be returned in a decent amount of time???? It’s been 14 hours???? I just need to know who will actually hear me...Southwest has completely ruined our trip!!!


Re: Lost 4 pieces of luggage

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Assuming you filed a report at the airport when your bags did not arrive, have you called to check the status of your bags? Depending on where you came from or where the bags may have accidentally wound up, the frequency of flights may be the main factor causing the delay. 



To check the status of your lost/delayed baggage, please call 1-888-202-1024, and a representative will provide you with a current status


Previous posts regarding delayed or lost bags have indicated Southwest may offer reimbursement for some expenses incurred to replace things or buy necessary supplies. You might want to ask about that to make the delay more bearable.


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Re: Lost 4 pieces of luggage

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Sorry to hear your bags are lost I hope they are found and returned to you soon. 


In addition to calling the number provided by @TheMiddleSeat you can visit the website on your delayed baggage report and send a message there on that portal and they can assist that way. I recommend you keep your receipts for clothes and Necessities you may purchase that way you can request reimbursement through the online portal and hopefully they will help you.