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Lost Baggage

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I flew in April 2022 and SW lost my golf clubs.   The end of June it was resolved, however, only received 40% of our claim.  Really?  Lost my bag, shoes, balls, tees, and golf clubs.    Was honest and claimed 2500.00 for my clubs.    i received 1190.00.  Didn't even cover my clubs.

I still have to buy a driver and a custom putter I had.   Beware!!!!   Not happy with SW and we always try to fly SW.   

The depreciation should not have been that much.  The clubs were 5 years old.   Hard to replace at the amount SW gave me.


Not a happy Golfer.


Re: Lost Baggage

Top Contributor

Every airline handles it the same way. If something is lost, then the airline provides the depreciated value of the lost item - up to the maximum prescribed by law.


Since stuff gets lost all the time, then it's easy to believe that there is a set depreciation schedule for a multitude of items.


If you can find the exact item for sale somewhere and it is being sold for more than you have been given, you can present that evidence to the airline.


BTW, my quick research seems to indicate that you got a pretty good deal when you got 40%

Re: Lost Baggage

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Check your credit card for any lost baggage coverage it may offer.