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Lost Confirmation Number

Explorer C

I purchased a southwest flight back in February and now can’t locate the the email with my confirmation number. Is there anyway to get this resent ? I’m located in Australia so phoning the customer services number is really an option. 


Re: Lost Confirmation Number

Aviator A

If you are a Rapid Rewards member, you can log in to your account, and your reservation will show up there.


If not, check your credit card statement. I believe your statement  will give you your ticket number Southwest should be able to provide your confirmation number with the ticket number. Also,  I believe that Southwest should be able to find you by using your credit card number.


Re: Lost Confirmation Number

Aviator A

As suggested, check your RR account (if you have one, and if your access to the website isn't blocked as it is for many outside the US). I'd also recommend searching your emails -- including your trash folder -- for the confirmation message.


Your credit card statement may include the ticket number, especially if it's a Southwest Rapid Rewards card, or it may not (many don't).


Unfortunately, Southwest can no longer look up your confirmation number using a credit card. But they can help if you have the ticket number or (at a minimum) the flight information:


Applying Travel Funds: In the event your travel plans change and you need to apply travel funds to future trips, please make note of your confirmation number. Customers calling Southwest to request a refund or to research travel funds for a specific ticket must provide their confirmation number, ticket number or flight information (date, origin and destination).


Since you're outside the US, your best bet for a quick reply would be to reach out to Customer Relations via Twitter direct message. Good luck!