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Lost/Delayed Luggage

Explorer C

My luggage has been misplaced and that I somewhat can deal with. What I can’t deal with is how the folks handled my concern at Burbank tonight. 

So I’m standing behind a person with the same issue and when that person is done, I approach the counter. The person behind the counter pauses and then the phone rings and she says to me, “I’ll be right with you sir”. That is what she should have said to the person who just called, not me.

The other employee at the counter gets finished while this one is on the phone and so I do not approach the counter and she finally says, “do you need assistance”? No, I just like hanging out in this smelly room. I did not say that, I said yes I do.

she asks me if I listened to her explain to the previous person the Southwest procedure. I replied that I do not listen. 

Long story short, will you be willing to come get your bags if we find them. This is after I asked for my bag to be delivered to the hotel that I am staying at. Was she listening to me?

Anyway, I only fly Southwest and I am mostly pleased with their service. Not tonight. 


Re: Lost/Delayed Luggage

Retired Community Manager

So sorry to hear about your poor experience, Chad. Thank you for sharing. We'd be happy to take the opportunity to make it right for you. Please reach out to us via phone, e-mail, or social media so we can work on a resolution.