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Lost Iphone on SW4418 PHX to MKE

New Arrival

My husband left his iPhone on Flight 4418 from Phoenix to Milwaukee on Saturday, March 24th.  It was the last flight of the night and the plane was parked in Milwaukee all night.  He discovered he left it behind right after we passed a TSA podium on the way out.  The guy wouldn't let us back to recover the phone.  Irronically we were both Pre TSA.  We immediately went to the baggage services desk and reported it.  The woman there very reluctantly radioed up to the gate with a row she decided we were probably sitting in.  We didn't know the exact row but described it very well, it was at the front of the wing, right side, the phone was located between the aisle and middle seat.  They radioed back within a minute and said it was not found.  She scribbled our telephone number on a piece of paper and said if it was found they'd call us.  She referred to me as, "Hon" and said there was nothing else that can be done.  I got home and found by searching the SW site, I could fill out a Lost Item Report.  I did, it includes both the serial number and IMEI # of the phone.  If it is ever used, it can be tracked using the IMEI #.  I was referred to the Baggage Services Area which I reached out to and was told conflicting information regarding when things are recovered.  I was told there was a batch of items including some cell phones that were sent to a central processing unit in Alabama.  We are assuming the phone is lost forever and by the way this was handled, I feel we were basically told that they had the right to keep our expensive item.  I've reached out to all Lost and Found numbers in Milwaukee.  The fact that it was probably between the seats and we were told the planes are, "Scrubbed" at the end of each night and anything on them would be found, leads us to believe it was either stolen or thrown in some bin and maybe sent to Alabama.  Or it is flying around the US somewhere.  I understand it is our responsibility to keep track of our items but to treat customers in this manner is unacceptable.  No Luv in Milwaukee.  I am hoping I can help someone else somehow with our story.  And finally do not put any electronics in Airplane Mode if you want to track them later, it will not work.


Re: Lost Iphone on SW4418 PHX to MKE

Retired Community Manager



It's never ok to offer poor Customer Service, especially when a Customer is clearly working through a frustrating situation. I'm sorry we didn't approach your concerns with a little more care. I'm glad you filled out an online missing item report. If we do find you item, we'll reach out and let you know. I know it might feel a bit like a lost cause, but stranger things have happened.