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Lost Journal on flight from DAL to ATL

Explorer C

I did the silly thing of leaving an item in the back of the seat. It was my journal out of all things! 

Being the last flight to come in, I didn't realize until I got all the way to the baggage claim that I had left it on the plane. After only being in the baggage claim for all of 15 - 20 minutes I ran to the Southwest claim office, and let them know. After a few calls the associate got through to someone, but only to be told that no one was near or on the plane. Also, that nothing was claimed to be turned in as lost. 

She told me to create a claim, I did, and left the airport mad as hell. 

Oh, and this is all happening on my birthday. Whooo.


Here we are almost two weeks later, and I have only gotten a few copy-and-paste emails saying that SW is still diligently looking for my item. 


My hope is that the flight attendants "did their job" and turned it in. If not, then hopefully no one on that next flight picked it up out of the pocket and kept it for themselves only to find nothing but my personal journal entries to their avail.


I hope that a happy end will come, and I'll be "reunited with my item," as Southwest has so adamantly sent in those countless worrisome emails. 


Re: Lost Journal on flight from DAL to ATL

Aviator A

Fingers crossed for the return of your journal. Filing the report so quickly is the best thing you could have done. Items do get returned so don't give up hope. 



Re: Lost Journal on flight from DAL to ATL

Aviator A

Sorry to hear you left your journal on your recent flight. 


You did the right thing by filing filing a lost and found report. The next best thing is waiting it out and letting the process happen. Here’s how things work: once an item is found it is sent to Southwest’s lost and found where all lost items go. Once it arrives it is processed and the search begins to find the owner some items are easier to return based on serial numbers other items can take longer. If you have anything on your journal that would stand out to show it is yours and not someone else’s be sure to update the report with that information here are a few examples (photos on the front/back, even one journal entry that you don’t mind someone reading just to show its truly yours, if the journal has a serial number you could put that as well)


one idea for the future with journals maybe on the 1st or last page put your contact info just in case it gets lost maybe a good person will find it and reach out to you. 


Hopefully you will will get your journal back soon! Don’t lose hope the process does take time.