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Lost Luggage

New Arrival

I flew to New Orleans for a graduation for my niece.  My luggage did not make it - I was about 2 hours outside of NOLA - my luggage was found around 10p.  I was told the luggage would be federal expressed.  It was.

I contacted SW and was told I could spend a reasonable amount of money to acquire clothes, shoes and personal items that I needed to attend graduation.

I have receipts.  How do i start the reimbursement process.


Thank you.

Arlene Alleman


Re: Lost Luggage

Top Contributor



Sorry to hear your bag was late arriving but glad to hear it was found and returned to you. 


To submit receipts for reimbursement you would want to go Here and enter your incident number and last name to log in. Your case may show as "closed" but there should be a place to send a message at the bottom of that page and that will reopen your case and you can attach the receipts there with a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hope this helps