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Lost and Found

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Love this airlines except for one thing - LOST AND FOUND. I was on a flight on Saturday 6/1 from Burbank to Oakland #3312.  I, sadly, left a new pair of perscription reading glasses on the seat. Filled out the form online and have yet to her back and am not hopeful. This is truly the one area that I feel SWA can improve. Maybe its an insentive to their employees to reunite passengers with their lost items. I have NEVER recovered anything I have left on a plane. Truly disappointing. 


Re: Lost and Found

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Sorry to hear you left your reading glasses on the plane. Your glasses are probably on the way to Alabama where southwest deals with all lost and found items so being that you just lost the glasses on Saturday it will take some time for them to sort though it and match your glasses to your claim. 


I highly recommend you put any and all details on the lost and found report that will help SW recognize those glasses are yours and not someone else's since they probably get lots of lost glasses. 


The process takes time just be patient and watch your email for any updates.


Hope you get your glasses back soon!